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    CNC Milling

    BALT-YACHT is one of the largest shipyards in Poland with years of experience in producing the highest quality boats with the use of modern technologies. One of them is a 5-axis machining center MX5 from CMS with latest generation control system FANUC 31I-B5. All projects are carried out in accordance with the supplied by client 3D documentation. Milling machine process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers. The CNC department uses Autodesk software supporting the processes of designing and manufacturing CAD/CAM. Through the use of specialized software, we are able to realize even the most advanced projects for various industries, ie. the marine, automotive, aerospace and many others.


    1990 – 2020

    — 30 years with you —

    About 300

    boats produced per year

    ABOUT 18 000

    vessels produced since 1990

    70 boat models

    introduced since 1990


    new boat models introduced since 2012


    No other shipyard from Augustow region can’t boast itself with such a rich and distant history…

    Our boats are going to almost all European countries, even to Australia and they are mainly famous for its outstanding quality. That has been always the priority for Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski.

    Now their son Marek as a Director and daughters in law: Magdalena and Irena support the company and a new generation of grandchildren are growing up to continue family tradition…



    About the model

    Our newest motorboat – Balt 818 Titanium – is a technological masterpiece that in any way, shape or form overtakes all currently manufactured houseboats. It is the very first semi planning houseboat with 8m long hull. Balt 818 Titanium guarantees sufficient power and speed to avoid danger in emergency situations such as changing weather, collision course with a bigger vessel, strong river currents and other unfortunate incidents. Maximum speed of 25km/h provides pleasant and safe cruising experience into the most beautiful parts of the river, lake, bay or gulf. Balt 818 Titanium is best used for leisure cruises with approx. speed of 8-10 km/h which offers passengers silence and comfort combined with economy. Most importantly it gives all crew members joy of every minute spent on water, no matter the weather, thanks to modern roof emphasizing the boats individual character.

    Most important advantages of Balt 818 Titanium:

    • Innovative semi-planning hull which ensures the speed app. 35 km/h
    • Modern, sportive design, individual boat character
    • Opened around cockpit with roof ensures good visibility. No worry about hot days, enjoy the shade in cockpit and blowing of cooling air
    • The roof over the cockpit and wheelhouse allows for the installation of solar panels allowing for longer cruises without the need to charge batteries from land
    • Boat’s dimensions and weight of app. 1950 kg allowed Balt 818 Titanium to be transported using special car and trailer
    • Draught app. 40cm encourages you to moor on the coast, wherever you want to moor
    • Interior offers you 6 sleeping places, galley and separate WC-cabin. Roomy, sunny interior offers standing height until the bow berth (1,85m)
    • Table in saloon has been designed perpendicular to big, panoramic window. Relax inside and admire the surroundings
    • Technical space makes it possible to install all needed systems: warm water, sea toilet with waste tank, shower, gas cooker, heating, and electronics.


    After testing different engines, performances and boats possibilities, we are going to propose our customers 3 propulsions offers

    Engine 20 HP – For displacement drive

    Engine 60 HP – For semi-planing drive

    Engine 90 HP – For planing drive

    *The values can vary in dependence on the weather condition, the condition of the water and a boat load.

    BALT 818 TYTAN – Polish Yacht of the Year 2015

    GOLD MEDAL of Łódź Boatshow (11.2013)

    Łódź Balt 818 Tytan Award in GDYNIA YACHT DESIGN (8.2014)

    Balt 818 Titanium wins the “Boat of the show: inland” award during the BoatLife Boatshow in Birmingham (February, 2024)

    Virtual tour 360°

    Technical data

    Total length8,48 m

    Hull length7,30 m

    Total width2,70 m

    Transport height3,10 m

    Height above waterline2,73 m


    with outboard engine0,40 m

    with diesel engine0,58 m

    Max outboard engine 115 HP

    Max stationary engine60 HP


    with outboard engine6

    with diesel engine5


    Weight1850 kg

    Max load825 kg

    Water tank80L/170L

    Fuel tank100L

    Waste tank50L

    CE CategoryC-6

    Constructor: Centkowski & Denert Design Studio



    Customers opinion

    Roland Veenman/Porto Cristo, Mallorca
    For 2 years now we have our Balt Titanium 818 for our charter company. Everything on the boat is correct, good materials, solid and organized installation. Our appreciation of the building quality of Balt is after 2 years of charter only grown. The model we have chosen (Balt 818) we chose for it’s concept. There is in my opinion still not a family boat which can compete with the Balt 818. It’s safe, comfortable and economical. Downside for chartering is that not all clients understand it is a family boat and not an offshore powerboat. The Balt is without a doubt my personal favourite boat to go out in private with my family.

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