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    CNC Milling

    BALT-YACHT is one of the largest shipyards in Poland with years of experience in producing the highest quality boats with the use of modern technologies. One of them is a 5-axis machining center MX5 from CMS with latest generation control system FANUC 31I-B5. All projects are carried out in accordance with the supplied by client 3D documentation. Milling machine process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers. The CNC department uses Autodesk software supporting the processes of designing and manufacturing CAD/CAM. Through the use of specialized software, we are able to realize even the most advanced projects for various industries, ie. the marine, automotive, aerospace and many others.


    1990 – 2020

    — 30 years with you —

    About 300

    boats produced per year

    ABOUT 18 000

    vessels produced since 1990

    70 boat models

    introduced since 1990


    new boat models introduced since 2012


    No other shipyard from Augustow region can’t boast itself with such a rich and distant history…

    Our boats are going to almost all European countries, even to Australia and they are mainly famous for its outstanding quality. That has been always the priority for Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski.

    Now their son Marek as a Director and daughters in law: Magdalena and Irena support the company and a new generation of grandchildren are growing up to continue family tradition…




    Since the beginning Balt-Yacht was a boat producer for the demanding, foreign customers. We are now working on implementing at least two new luxury motor-boats for our partners, and one full of innovations semi-planing boat of our own. This will be project based on many years of experience, as well as users suggestions.

    Manufactured units
    Now Balt-Yacht is one of the biggest Polish producers, specializing in building boats from 7 to 12 meters long made from glass-polyester laminate.
    Since the beginning Balt-Yacht was a boat producer for the demanding foreign customers like MAR-IMPORT, Jeanneau or X-Yachts.And now most of boats produced in our shipyard- around 95 percent-is delivered to foreign customers. For many years till now our main partner is Brunswick Marine in EMEA Inc. for whom large series of Quicksilver boats are produced. For few years we have been cooperating with Norwegian contractors Cormate AS and Goldfishboat AS.

    Balt-Yacht produces the following types of boats both for Polish and foreign markets:


    Motor boats

    Designed with passion
    Balt-Yacht under his brand offers houseboats, semi-planning and sailing boats. Among them there are: premiere of 2022 Balt 37 Grand – luxurious houseboat, winner of Gdynia Polboat Award 2022 and nominated to BOB Award 2022; SunCamper 35 – bestselling houseboat, the winner of the prestigious Jerzy Fijka Award ‘Highlight of WIND and WATER’ (‘Gwóźdź Targów’) in the Large Motor Yacht category and Boat of the Year 2019 in Poland. In cooperation with Yacht Export Poland, Balt-Yacht implemented a range of Titanium semi-planing houseboats: Balt 1018 Titanium -NEW in 2020, Balt 918 Titanium and Balt 818 Titanium – the first semi-planning houseboat in Poland -award winner of Polish Yacht Of The Year 2015.

    Worldwide recognition and production possibilities
    In the spread of 30 years of business and thanks to foreign partners, our own projects, high quality and consistent development, over 19 thousand boats have left Balt-Yacht. Production capacities are still around 1500 vessels a year up to 10 meters long per year. Manufactured products went on the Polish, Norwegian, Czech, French, Croatian, Spanish, German, Finnish, English, and even an Australian or Asian markets. They are also shown on the largest Polish and European yacht exhibitions in Warsaw, London, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Riga, Budapest or Oslo and receive nominations or prestigious awards. They are also presented in the most important world trade journals gathering always positive feedback.

    We posses few specialized trucks with trailers to transport the boat, so the produced vessels may directly and efficiently be delivered to the customer. For years our experienced drivers care about the safety of the carriage.

    High quality
    Since the beginning the priority of the yard is the production of boats that meet the highest quality standards, which is confirmed by our cooperation with such demanding clients as Janneau (1993-1997), X-Yachts (2007 – 2009),Cormate AS (2014 – 2017,2020-present), Brunswick (2007-present), Goldfishboat AS (2016-present) . It is worth mentioning that Balt-Yacht, as the first shipyard producing glass-laminates in our region, introduced in 2001, the ISO 9001 certificate. This is one of the most important achievements that confirm compliance by the company high quality and technological standards. Thanks to this we have introduced a number of improvements in the management system.


    Production technology of the boats in our company is done in two ways: traditional-gelcoat and resin overlay manually and using the “vacuum bagging”. We are also prepared to use “resin infusion” technology. For the implementation of our products we use materials and equipment of the highest quality, which combined with an experienced crew and a good quality control system allows our customers to get the products of the highest class.

    Human potential
    Balt-Yacht Team means highly qualified specialists, including educated executives, office staff and experts in the field of wood machining, laminating, mounting boat or service. Experienced engineers and technologists together with the Supply Department apply modern manufacturing solutions, high-quality materials and raw ingredients. This crew works with passion and commitment and all departments collaborate closely to achieve the most important goal which is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION..

    Taking care of environmental protection Balt-Yacht has invested in eco-friendly infrastructure. Among other things, reducing the particulate problem separators have been installed in the plywood department. The place for waste sorting has been created and 2 heating rooms have been rebuilt: from carbon in to the wood-fired. Besides, the latest hall has been equipped with an innovative heat pump with a special ventilation system that provides the appropriate working conditions.

    The headquarters and modern production halls with an infrastructure are located in the Żarnowo Pierwsze 9B near Augustow city. In area of around 4,5 hectares we have separated the zones adapted to the needs of the following production departments, magazines, social buildings and office..

    2 Stores
    to manage our stores we use a proven Macrologic system.

    2 laminate halls
    for small and large elements
    The laminate is applied manually with the use of machines for application gel coat and resin, however, our production is also suitable for use of infusion method. As of today this method we use to produce models of Cormate. Both halls have advanced ventilation system and cranes to de-molding laminated elements.

    Cutting and laminate elements preparation for assembly halls
    Uses a modern ventilation exhaust with a capacity of 3000 m 3/h absorbing dust emerging when cutting laminated items

    The assembly hall
    is equipped with systems of 7 gantry tracks to transport heavy items ie. decks, engines or roofs, from which boats are assembled.

    Quality control section with test pool
    where the fitted parts, plumbing, electrical and sanitary installations are thoroughly checked and the engine is calibrated. The vessels are also checked for leaks.

    Wood production hall and plastics workshop
    Furniture and other wooden parts that are being used on boats and yachts are made here.

    Plexi parts machining and forming department
    we have a range of machines for the Plexiglass processing and a large stove to their forming

    Department of plywood and plastics machining
    uses 3-axis CNC machine for precise plywood and plastic components cutting.

    New product development department with advanced
    5 axial CNC milling machine

    Balt-Yacht offers service for new product development purposes with highly advanced 5 axial CNC milling machine with latest generation control system FANUC 31I-B5.

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    and Development Center

    New Research and Development Center

    Balt-Yacht during the development is just completing a new investment of the Research and Development Center, which will deal with production of models and moulds as well as research and implementation of a new product. The newly opened Research and Development Center will allow Balt-Yacht to participate in the development and application of new materials.

    The hall is equipped with the most modern dedusting and ventilation-blow systems which ensure comfortable working conditions, and two lifts on the crane which facilitate transport and demoulding of products.

    is a member of Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies