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    CNC Milling

    BALT-YACHT is one of the largest shipyards in Poland with years of experience in producing the highest quality boats with the use of modern technologies. One of them is a 5-axis machining center MX5 from CMS with latest generation control system FANUC 31I-B5. All projects are carried out in accordance with the supplied by client 3D documentation. Milling machine process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers. The CNC department uses Autodesk software supporting the processes of designing and manufacturing CAD/CAM. Through the use of specialized software, we are able to realize even the most advanced projects for various industries, ie. the marine, automotive, aerospace and many others.


    1990 – 2020

    — 30 years with you —

    About 300

    boats produced per year

    ABOUT 18 000

    vessels produced since 1990

    70 boat models

    introduced since 1990


    new boat models introduced since 2012


    No other shipyard from Augustow region can’t boast itself with such a rich and distant history…

    Our boats are going to almost all European countries, even to Australia and they are mainly famous for its outstanding quality. That has been always the priority for Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski.

    Now their son Marek as a Director and daughters in law: Magdalena and Irena support the company and a new generation of grandchildren are growing up to continue family tradition…


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    By choosing Balt-Yacht you will join the group of professionals. You will work in a stable, prestigious company with many years of experience, which is a valued business partner and an attractive employer.

    Do you know that The average length of service among employees of the Balt-Yacht shipyard is 12 years?

    Over 34% of professionals have been working at the Balt-Yacht shipyard for over 10 years.

    Including 12% for over 20 years? A few specialists have been with us since the beginning of the shipyard’s existence, i.e. over 30 years?


    Currently we offer the following vacancies

    boatbuilder on assembly department

    Responsibilities: assembling and finishing of boats

    Number of vacancies: 5


    Responsibilities: work with wood to produce boats

    Number of vacancies: 5


    Responsibilities: installation of electrical components for boats

    Number of vacancies: 2

    Boatbuilder on Laminate Department

    Responsibilities: laminating and assembling boats

    Number of vacancies: 10

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    Offers containing a cover letter, CV please send an e-mail to: balt-yacht(@)