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    CNC Milling

    BALT-YACHT is one of the largest shipyards in Poland with years of experience in producing the highest quality boats with the use of modern technologies. One of them is a 5-axis machining center MX5 from CMS with latest generation control system FANUC 31I-B5. All projects are carried out in accordance with the supplied by client 3D documentation. Milling machine process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers. The CNC department uses Autodesk software supporting the processes of designing and manufacturing CAD/CAM. Through the use of specialized software, we are able to realize even the most advanced projects for various industries, ie. the marine, automotive, aerospace and many others.


    1990 – 2020

    — 30 years with you —

    About 300

    boats produced per year

    ABOUT 18 000

    vessels produced since 1990

    70 boat models

    introduced since 1990


    new boat models introduced since 2012


    No other shipyard from Augustow region can’t boast itself with such a rich and distant history…

    Our boats are going to almost all European countries, even to Australia and they are mainly famous for its outstanding quality. That has been always the priority for Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski.

    Now their son Marek as a Director and daughters in law: Magdalena and Irena support the company and a new generation of grandchildren are growing up to continue family tradition…




    BALT 1018 TITANIUM is a continuation of the TITANIUM series of yachts (Balt 818 Titanium is produced from 2013 and it has become the favourite of customers and the Yacht of the Year 2015 in Poland).

    BALT 1018 TITANIUM is a semi-planing cruising yacht with a spacious living room on the upper level, and a spacious cockpit with an additional seating area. The yacht’s design is the result of understanding the users and customers’ needs, for whom it is not the large size of the boat that matters – but its functionality resulting from well-thought-out solutions and space, manoeuvrability and elegance.

    The mess organized as saloon is bright, sunny and pleasant both for the helmsman and the whole crew. This arrangement of the interior unites the participants of the cruise and allows to be together, regardless of the activities. Glazed cockpit allows you to admire the views and at the same time protects against wind and bad weather.

    Under the deck there are 2 comfortable, lockable sleeping cabins. They are characterized byfull standing height, as well as availability of furniture cabinets and comfortable, full-size berths. And all this carefully, cosily finished by experienced boatbuilders of the Balt-Yacht shipyard. The sanitary cabin also does not restrict the user – it is bright, egronomic, spacious and equipped with all necessary installations – toilets, sinks, showers, heating and ventilation.

    The leading concept in the design of BALT 1018 TITANIUM was the words of the famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – “Less is more”. The task was to create a yacht without unnecessary biased curiosities and decorative elements. The designers stood up to the task, created an elegant, timeless model, consistent in its style, enchanting with its balanced proportions and simplicity of charm.

    Long mess windows together with a slender long roof finished with a gentle slant over the windscreen create an impression of slenderness and dignity.

    What are the main differences between Balt 1018 Titanium and Balt 918 Titanium?

    First of all, version 1018 offers the opportunity to enjoy an additional helm station – flybridge, thanks to which on sunny days you can steer the yacht outdoors, admire the views from a different level or enjoy the sun throughout the cruise by sunbathing on comfortable sun mattresses. Due to the additional sun deck – flybridge, the Balt 1018 Titanium model is heavier, higher and has a bigger draft than the Balt 918 Titanium. In addition, the Flybridge prevents the installation of a roof hatch or solar panels available in the Balt 918 Titanium model.

    Due to the higher center of gravity, the Balt 1018 Titanium is offered with a lower maximum power of the outboard engine – 90 HP, and the stationary engine – 57 HP, which in the case of the Balt 918 Titanium corresponds to the maximum power of 2×115 HP or 1x 150 HP for the outboard engines and 80 HP for the stationary engine.

    The hull length of both models is the same, 8.58 m, but they differ in overall length. Balt 1018 Titanium (length 10.02 m) is 16 cm longer than Balt 918 Titanium. This was achieved by extending the stern platforms, which are also wider than in the Balt 918 Titanium model. This not only provides greater functionality but also protects the outboard engine more effectively. When choosing a stationary engine, a large bathing platform can be created by installing laminate filling between the platforms.

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    Max Hull length10,2 m

    Hull length8,58 m

    Beam3 m

    Draft max.0,49 m *

    Height above waterline3,30 m *

    Weight withought engine3620 kg

    Outboard engine max.60 – 90 KM

    Inboard engine Diesel S-Drive45 – 57 KM

    Fuel tank 120-239 l *

    Water tank130-240 l

    Waste tank60 l

    Crew Max6

    Wysokość w kabinie1,97 m

    Berth / Crew3/6

    Category CEC-6

    * wersja z silnikiem zaburtowym

    Designer: Krzysztof Smaga, Jacek Daszkiewicz


    Double cabin version

    Three cabin version